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Dear readers of Infrared Reflexions,

The first half of 2017 presented us with some surprises, positive and negative. Regardless, we at InfraTec are pursuing our worldwide business endeavours with a fundamentally optimistic attitude. We continue to orient our actions in a positive basic direction that moves toward a sustainable “better world” (I hope you will permit me to use this shorthand description…), to which we are making our small contribution.

We presented our product innovations at international trade fairs at the start of the year and noticed a positive response. This has since been gratifyingly manifested in a higher level of incoming orders. We are working with great enthusiasm to fulfil these orders to permit you, our customer, to make your own contribution as well. The foundation for this is our fascinating thermography technology. We continue to be astounded by the new technology fields that make use of thermography, too. This edition of Infrared Reflexions reports on this as well. And so we look forward with you to the positive surprises that the months to come will bring!

Kind regards from Dresden,

Dr. Matthias Krauß
Managing Director and Partner

Read in this issue: 

  • ImageIR ® series: Significant increase in geometrical resolution thanks to MicroScan
  • Handheld cameras: Powerful professional packages with VarioCAM ® HDx and new entrylevel thermography cameras
  • User report: Lock-in thermography for thermal stress analysis (TSA)
  • Thermography software: Updates for IRBIS ® 3
  • Website: InfraTec with new online presence

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