Standard infrared filters and infrared windows from InfraTec

InfraTec's integrated standard filters for Flame Detection and Gas Analysis (e.g. CO2, CO, Methane, NOx)

InfraTec is very flexible in the position of the used filters:

  • InfraTec can deliver standard detectors with standard optical filters.
  • If you need special filters either you may supply the filters or InfraTec may purchase the filters from our suppliers and will offer you a special detector with filters which meet your specifications.
  • If you don't know which detector/ filter meet your requirements please contact your local InfraTec representative. Together with the InfraTec R&D department they will be glad to present you a solution for your measurement problem.

The following list shows you the transmission curves of our standard filters. This curves are typical curves and will probably not fully meet the data of the filters for the shipped detectors. The exact filter data depend on the requirements of the customer and on the filter production. Of course, you will get a filter transmission curve for every InfraTec supplied filter.

Application note (PDF)*

IR Filters and Windows - Description
Typical Filter Plots
Spectral Emmision of IR Sources

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IR-Filter and Window description

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IR-Filter description (PDF)

NBP 3.09 µm / 160 nm Reference
NBP 3.95 µm / 90 nm Reference
NBP 3.33 µm / 160 nm Methane
NBP 3.40 µm / 120 nm HC
NBP 4.30 µm / 600 nm Flame
NBP 4.26 µm / 90 nm CO2 narrow
NBP 4.26 µm / 180 nm CO2 standard
NBP 4.27 µm / 170 nm CO2 high AOI
NBP 4.45 µm / 60 nm CO2 long path
NBP 4.66 µm / 180 nm CO centered
NBP 4.74 µm / 140 nm CO flank
NBP 5.30 µm / 180 nm NO
NBP 7.30 µm / 200 nm SO2

Window description (PDF)

Si ARC 2 - 5μm
Si ARC 3 - 6μm
Si ARC 3 - 10μm
Si WBP 3.0 -5.0 μm
Si WBP 8.0 -14.0 μm
Si LWP 5.3 μm
Si LWP 6.5μm
Si LWP 7.3μm
Calcium fluoride 0.4mm thick
Calcium fluoride 0.7mm thick
Calcium fluoride 1.0mm thick
Barium fluoride 0.4mm thick
Barium fluoride 1.0mm thick
Cesium iodide 0.8mm thick
Potassium bromide 0.8mm thick
Potassium bromide 1.0mm thick
Sapphire 0.4mm thick
Sapphire 0.6mm thick
Silicon uncoated 0.5mm thick