Single channel detectors

Single channel detectors

Here you can find all single channel detectors from InfraTec

For gas analysis, flame detection and radiometry IR sensors Infrared detector sealed with Nitrogen in TO18 or TO39 packages.

  • TO18 or TO39 housing
  • Thermal compensation
  • JFET or CMOS amplifier

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Aperture/Window Size (mm)

Current/Voltage Mode (CM/VM)


Temperature Compensated

Low Micro

Downloads and further information
LIE-200TO181ø2.3CMJFETnono 0.55PDF LIE-200LIE-200
LIE-202TO181ø2.3VMJFETnono 4.0PDF LIE-202LIE-202
LIE-216TO181ø2.3VMJFETyesno 3.0PDF LIE-216LIE-216
LIE-316TO39-31ø5.0VMJFETyesno 4.0PDF LIE-316LIE-316
LME-302TO39-315.0 x 5.0VMJFETnoyes 6.0PDF LME-302LME-302
LME-316TO39-315.0 x 5.0VMJFETyesyes 4.0PDF LME-316LME-316
LME-335TO39-415.0 x 5.0CMOpAmpyesyes 6.0PDF LME-335LME-335
LME-336 NewTO39-315.0 x 5.0CMOpAmpyesyes 4.0
Info LME-336Single supply operation
LME-351TO39-415.0 x 5.0CMOpAmpnoyes 1.8PDF LME-351LME-351
LME-352 NewTO39-315.0 x 5.0CMOpAmpnoyes 1.5
Info LME-352Single supply operation
LME-501TO39-315.0 x 5.0CMnonenoyes PDF LME-501LME-501
LME-551TO39-415.0 x 5.0CMOpAmpnoyes 2.5PDF LME-551LME-551
*(500K, 10Hz, 1Hz, 25ºC, without window) [10E+8cmHz1/2/W]