Airborne thermography

Airborne thermography provides you with a fast and wide area overview

  • Detection of energy losses of buildings and thermal storage ability of biotops
  • High geometrical resolution allows recognition of small structurs from big heights
  • Fast infrared camera systems offer low smearing
  • Integration of GPS data and visual images
  • Wide range of accessories like gimbal systems

Details about airborne thermography

Wide range of products offers most suitable airbone thermography solution for specific application

Based on your specific needs of the object or area to be measured InfraTec will configurate the matching combination out of infrared camera systems, lenses, software and accessories. Both cooled infrared cameras of the ImageIR ® series and uncooled devices from our VarioCAM ® high resolution series with high frame rates can be applied.

Infrared camera systems of InfraTec with high pixel count and special lenses will display smallest details on the ground

The high geometrical resolution of the available infrared camera systems allows for the detection of small details from a big height. Like this for instance animals can be surveyed without disturbing them in their normal behaviour. Also in predictive maintenance advantages come up. For instance power transmission lines can be monitored from a helicopter despite of their small thickness. The wide range of available special lenses additionally adds to positive measurement results.

Complex data acquisition and storage provides for easy analysis

FurthThermal images and sequences of infrared camera systems can be further enhanced by other data. The tools from the software family IRBIS ® 3 allow for instance to include images by fast high-resolution cameras in the visible spectrum or GPS data. Thereby also thermal images can be analysed much easier. Also automated tools for reduction of large amounts of data will add to this handling support.

Precision positioning by integration into gimbal

The infrared camera system of InfraTec can be fixed mounted in airplanes but also be integrated into precision gimbals. Thereby, the infrared camera, can be exactly positioned within a µrad range and it can also automatically track. A handy remote control allows for the camera control directly via the control of the gimbal.

Further information about gimbal systems from InfraTec

Infrared cameras for airborne thermography

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 10300 Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 10300 Series

    Measure extremely small micron sized structures on large targets.

  • Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD research 800
    Infrared camera VarioCAM ® HD research 800

    The ergonomic design, comprehensive camera functions and the integrated GigE interface allow for professional mobile and stationary use. 

  • Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD research 600
    Infrared camera VarioCAM ® HD research 600

    High geometric and best thermal resolution as well as excellent handling and extensive features allow its use for demanding inspection tasks.

  • Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD head 800
    Infrared camera VarioCAM ® HD head 800

    The uncooled industrial camera offers stationary long-term operation for demanding monitoring tasks.

  • Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD head 600
    Infrared camera VarioCAM ® HD head 600

    The robust light metal housing, high geometric and excellent thermal resolution as well as a number of interfaces enable for stationary long-term operation for demanding monitoring tasks even under harsh environmental conditions.

  • VarioCAM® HDx head 600
    VarioCAM ® HDx head 600

    Compact housing dimensions, minimal weight, robust housing and numerous interfaces allow easy integration of this thermal imaging camera into your existing system environments.

  • VarioCAM® HDx research 600
    VarioCAM ® HDx research 600

    The highest resolution color TFT display of this device class, a 8 MP digital camera and robust light metal housing enable this high quality measurement instrument for universal measurement and inspection tasks.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 9300 Serie
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 9300 Serie

    Measure smallest details with highest geometrical resolution.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 8800 Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 8800 Series

    Measure lowest temperature differences of smallest details with highest geometric resolution.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 8300 Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 8300 Series

    Resolve details most detailed and measure at high speed.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR 8300 hp Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR 8300 hp Series

    Measure infrared full frame frequencies with up to 350 Hz.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 5300 Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 5300 Series

    Trigger your infrared camera at highest speeds.

  • Infrared camera PIR uc 180
    Infrared camera PIR uc 180

    Use the infrared camera for real-time image acquisition.

Case studies

Airbone thermography with VarioCAM® HD head from InfraTec

Airbone thermography with VarioCAM ® HD head from InfraTec

Feeding of renewable energy and rising consumption peaks – operators of energy networks face great challenges in meeting the set levels of electrical power supply. The increasing network load asks for intensified predictive maintenance. Airborne inspections  highly increase the efficiency of high power line monitoring. Also here infrared thermography provides advantages for the precise identification of problems at isolators and power lines by tracing and measuring of atypical heatings.

Read more about the use of airbone thermography in the swiss air controlling GmbH

Thermography for Aerial surveys

Aerial surveys ask for small and lightweight but also of course for very precise infrared camera solutions. Little distortion of the lenses and a high frame rate are other important features which InfraTec´s VarioCAM ® hr head models come with a big advantage. Therefore, those thermal cameras are implemented in the IGI DigiTHERM system which is to provide its customers with a very detailed image of the ground surface.

Optimized Data Acquisition with the IGI DigiTHERM Thermal Camera System