Infrared cameras for SAR applications

When searching or rescueing injured or missing persons seconds always count. High-sensitive thermal cameras can provide the important minutes required to save lives. Handheld infrared binoculars are used for:

  • Searching and rescueing in offshore or inland waters
  • Search for injured persons and survivors of plane/helicopter crashes
  • Searching activities related to massive disaster situations i.e. major fires

Details about this application

Saving lives with thermal images

The infrared sensors of VarioVIEW™ allow searching for missed persons even over a distance of several kilometers. Even thick smoke can be penetrated to achieve the requested performance and goal of saving victims. Because of its ergonomic user interface and mobility VarioVIEW™ is a perfect support for a numerous variety of scenarios. It can be handled as easy and efficient as a pair of binoculars during ground operations, it is equally useful to support helicopter-based units. If a maximum range performance is required then VarioVIEW™ 150 with its 5 km detection range for persons is the first choice. With a weight of just 2.5 kg, (12.2 x 9)° field-of-view and a 2.7 km detection range VarioVIEW™ 75 is a powerful and mobile alternative. The standard laser rangefinder in both units is a valuable tool for precise distance measurements up to 5 km.

If the situation allows short-distance SAR operations then our compact thermography system InfraTec mobileIR E4 is an economic alternative. The different exchangeable lenses allow a proper choice for any SAR mission.

Infrared cameras for this application

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 10300 Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 10300 Series

    Measure extremely small micron sized structures on large targets.

  • Infrared camera VarioVIEW 150
    Infrared camera VarioVIEW 150

    Among all uncooled thermal imagers this device offers the best range performance and unsurpassed image resolution.

  • Infrared camera VarioVIEW 75
    Infrared camera VarioVIEW 75

    More than just a multi-purpose solution, outstanding thermal and geometrical resolution offer perfect thermal image quality under any conditions.

  • Infrared camera ViewIR® 60
    Infrared camera ViewIR ® 60

    The perfect combination of mobility and resolution.

  • Infrared camera Nyxus Bird
    Infrared camera Nyxus Bird

    Two in one: Thermal imager and optical daylight channel. Outstanding compact construction and full range of features incl. GPS, digital compass and laser rangefinder.

  • VarioCAM® HDx head 600 security
    VarioCAM ® HDx head 600 security

    Even the entry model to thermography-based solutions for security and surveillance applications at high-end level impresses with its noiseless long-term continuous operation.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 9300 Serie
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 9300 Serie

    Measure smallest details with highest geometrical resolution.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 8800 Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 8800 Series

    Measure lowest temperature differences of smallest details with highest geometric resolution.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 8300 Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 8300 Series

    Resolve details most detailed and measure at high speed.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR 8300 hp Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR 8300 hp Series

    Measure infrared full frame frequencies with up to 350 Hz.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 7300 Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 7300 Series

    Operate with material specific spectral thermography at large image format.

  • Infrared camera ImageIR® 8300/9300 Z Series
    Infrared camera ImageIR ® 8300/9300 Z Series

    The high-end infrared cameras ImageIR ® 8300/9300 Z with 30x zoom lens for an effortless handling of complex reconnaissance and surveillance tasks.

  • Infrared camera InfraTec mobileIR E9
    Infrared camera InfraTec mobileIR E9

    InfraTec mobileIR E9 is an efficient and budget-friendly infrared camera for mobile use. Exchangeable and quickly rechargeable batteries ensure a long period of application.

    Infrared camera InfraTec mobileIR E9
  • Infrared camera InfraTec mobileIR E4
    Infrared camera InfraTec mobileIR E4

    InfraTec mobileIR E4 is a low-priced, efficient and completely equipped infrared camera. This robust and very handy high-tech system convinces with its intuitively learnable handling and user-friendly single hand operation.