Early fire detection with Screenshot WASTE-SCAN - Software screenshot

Infrared cameras for early fire detection

Fire protection for companies and environment with thermographic solutions

  • Early detection and localisation of critical temperature situations through thermographic solutions
  • Non-contact high-resolution temperature measurement at great distances
  • Automatic documentation and alerting
  • Monitoring of objects and fire even in case of smoke and dusty air
  • Special solution WASTE-SCAN for early fire protection in waste bunkers as required by law

Details about early fire detection

Thermographic system Fire-SCAN for early fire detection

Early fire detection system Fire-SCAN enables capturing of critical temperature indoor and on open-air grounds at an early stage. An automatic calibration with threshold values results in prompt alerting up to automated fire fighting. However, should a fire break out, Fire-SCAN provides an additional option for monitoring the area surrounded by fire even in case of smoke or formation of dust. Thus, fire fighting can be supported very effectively.

Infrared camera for early fire detection in protective housing

High thermal and spatial resolutions of integrated infrared camera assure success

The application of high-performance of infrared camera systems for early fire protection systems allows a detection of smallest pocket of embers due to their high spatial resolution, meaning a sufficient number of pixels. In case of an insufficient number of pixels for the to-be-monitored area, it is possible to integrate further infrared cameras into the system Fire-SCAN without any problems. The system’s sphere of action can be additionally expanded at a constant spatial resolution by mounting the infrared camera onto a remote-controlled Pan-tilt head. Besides the infrared camera’s spatial resolution, which meets highest requirements, the infrared camera system also features an optimised thermal resolution. Only this combination makes it possible to detect smallest temperature changes or hidden pockets of embers at an early stage. As may be necessary, this information will be displayed in control room or directly integrated into the available control system.

System environment - Early fire detection

WASTE-SCAN supports fire protection in waste bunkers

Waste incineration plants are subject to fire safety regulations since it can cause danger to environment and its local residents. Thus, InfraTec offers its thermographic solution WASTE-SCAN in particular with regard to the 17th German federal immission protection ordinance for early fire detection and fire fighting. It is a consistent further development of the Fire-SCAN system for the special needs in the waste and power industry on the operation of waste bunkers. The application of WASTE-SCAN reduces the danger of fire in waste bunkers and, therefore, the escape of toxic gases. A fully remote-controlled solution from the bunker control room or the crane cockpit enables a flexible work for plant operators. When necessary, they are additionally supported by a camera for a better orientation. Critical temperature areas can be displayed directly in the visual image. The infrared camera itself is enclosed in a robust housing with a blow-off system for the camera lens and, therefore, can also operate under adverse ambient conditions.

Infrared cameras for the application

  • Wärmebildkamera VarioCAM® HD head 900
    Wärmebildkamera VarioCAM ® HD head 900

    Erfassen Sie kleinste thermische Details auf großflächigen oder weit entfernten Messobjekten exakt  mit 3,1 MegaPixeln IR-Auflösung.

  • Wärmebildkamera VarioCAM® HD head 800
    Wärmebildkamera VarioCAM ® HD head 800

    Die ungekühlte Industriekamera ermöglicht einen stationären Dauereinsatz für anspruchsvolle Überwachungsaufgaben.

  • Wärmebildkamera VarioCAM® HD head 700
    Wärmebildkamera VarioCAM ® HD head 700

    Diese ungekühlte Wärmebildkamera der Oberklasse wurde für anspruchsvolle Überwachungsaufgaben in Industrie und Forschung konzipiert.

  • Wärmebildkamera VarioCAM® HD head 600
    Wärmebildkamera VarioCAM ® HD head 600

    Das robuste Leichtmetallgehäuse, die hohe geometrische und hervorragende thermische Auflösung sowie zahlreiche Schnittstellen ermöglichen den stationären Dauereinsatz für anspruchsvolle Überwachungsaufgaben auch unter rauen Umgebungsbedingungen.

  • VarioCAM® HDx head 600
    VarioCAM ® HDx head 600

    Compact housing dimensions, minimal weight, robust housing and numerous interfaces allow easy integration of this thermal imaging camera into your existing system environments.