Application of Infrared Camera Systems for Non-Contacting Temperature Measurement of Chemical Reactions

Flare stack control

Chemical reactions are endogenous or exogenous proceedings resulting in heat flow. Imaging of temperature distribution by means of thermography does not only allow punctual measuring of heat flows, but also enables analyses of entire process chains. Non-contacting measurement brings additional advantages since measuring of reacting chemicals is possible in the first place respectively connections to multiple contacting temperature sensors can be left out.

Case Study

Thermal image of aluminium kiln

Thermography for Insulation Inspections

All kind of hot industrial processes need to be contained well to allow the process itself to go on and at the same time to protect neighbouring installations and employees working there. But furnace insulations have also a second very important purpose - energy saving. Especially in times of rising energy costs and environmental protection demands the good shape of furnace insulations becomes increasingly valuable. Thermography helps to detect weak points and provides first indications for necessary repairs.

Testing of Reactor Insulation with Thermography

Reactor monitoring with thermography

Reactors in chemical industry are strongly insulated in order to ensure the required reaction temperatures while protecting the environment against too high temperatures. Reactor insulations as well as any of their supply pipes and discharges have to meet highest requirements and must be checked in the respective way. Infrared camera systems provide a quick and detailed overview on leakages.

Liquid Level Monitoring of Tanks by Means of Infrared Camera Systems

Liquid and foamed chemicals are often kept in tanks. For this purpose, thermography provides an opportunity to monitor the liquid level of tanks. The temperature difference between the area containing liquids or foams and the empty one above is used for detection with thermal camera systems.

InfraTec chemical industry - fill level of a tank
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