Thermography Made for You

Do your operations or your research depend on most reliable technology? Do you look for non-contact temperature measurements, multi-spectral investigations or NDT? - You are on the right track here.

For more than 25 years, InfraTec has been a global supplier of high-level thermographic solutions for a wide variety of demanding applications. More than 200 employees with a comprehensive understanding of infrared technology will be fully focused on meeting your needs in all their activities. Thereby you will meet extensive expertise in selecting your thermal camera or in configurating your thermographic solution. Please be invited to share your application needs with us to provide you a solution proposal – just fill in this form.

With our global network of sales and service partners, you will get the same support level also locally and in your language.
We will provide you with finest measurement, testing and monitoring equipment from the following range.

High-resolution ImageIR® Camera Series

The high-end thermographic cameras of the product series ImageIR® from InfraTec meet the highest demands in research and science, for non-destructive inspection as well as for process control. The modular concept enables excellent adaption to your specific measurement and inspection tasks. Cooled photon detectors of different types (InSb, MCT), spectral sensitivity ranges and formats are used. The numerous equipment options include powerful infrared full optics, filters and rotating aperture wheels, trigger and data transfer interfaces as well as motor focus units suitable for continuous operation.

  • Detector Format

    Spatial resolution with detector formats with up to (1,920 × 1,536) infrared pixels

  • Thermal Resolution

    Thermal resolution as low as 0.015 K

  • Frame Rates

    Time resolution with frame rates up to 25,000 Hz

  • Wheel

    Flexible filtering by inbuilt two filter-/aperture wheels with up to 25 combinations

  • 10 GigE

    10 GigE image saving directly at control computer

  • Trigger

    Precise triggering with only 10 ns jitter